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Smart Hiring: How to Maintain Momentum in Recruitment

“Staffing” consistently rates as one of the greatest challenges facing the health care industry. Getting the right people in the right seats is foundational to organizational success.

In today’s environment with record low unemployment rates, this challenge is especially daunting. A smart hiring procedure which focuses on momentum is key. Consider the following seven strategies when enacting smart hiring methods.

7 Smart Hiring Methods

  1. Maintain Momentum. 

The longer a position is openly available in the public marketplace, the harder it will become to fill.  Remember…   job openings are like houses for sale…  after they’ve been on the market a while, people start to suspect something is wrong. 

  1. Cast a Wide Net Early. 

Employers in today’s market can’t afford to “publish a few job postings and see what happens.” Smart Hiring starts with smart recruiting strategies. A comprehensive recruitment strategy includes multiple job postings with a strategic focus as well as organization-wide networking and active strategic recruitment. The successful recruitment strategy will be one that focuses on filling the candidate funnel early with many strong prospects.

  1. Ensure that Your Hiring Process Is Consistent. 

Without consistent hiring processes, it is impossible to compare candidates equally to the same standard. Be sure to maintain good controls throughout. This means planning your recruitment steps in advance, applying the same interview structure, utilizing assessments, following up in a timely manner, etc.

  1. Keep Multiple Candidates Moving through the process Simultaneously. 

Ever hear a hiring manager say, “I’ll know them when I see them”? Falling in love with one candidate can cause many employers to stop the interview process. After all, they have found their star and don’t need to waste time interviewing other candidates. While understandable, this is a recipe for hiring disaster. Just because you love a candidate, you cannot assume that you’ll be able to land them. Many unforeseen circumstances can derail hiring a star candidate. For example, the candidate can take another job or accept a counter offer from their current employer, demand a budget-busting salary, determine that a commute is just too long or fail a background check. Having multiple candidates in the process means you’re not forced to start the recruitment process all over again. Interviewing multiple candidates at once also allows you to be more discerning, since you can compare everyone side by side. 

  1. Stick with Your Timeline. 

Before you initiate your search, develop a timeline to track your progress and expedite results. It’s important to remember that candidates are a perishable commodity; they simply won’t last—especially in today’s hiring climate. You must work quickly to keep candidates interested and engaged, rather than getting discouraged and looking for work elsewhere. 

  1. Always Provide Candidates with the Feeling of Forward Movement. 

Hiring is a courtship; it requires finesse and careful attention to timing and emotion. If an employer stalls the process or goes silent for a period, a candidate can feel that they have lost interest or that they may be a second choice. The candidate’s ego may cause them to sour on the opportunity. After all, everyone wants to feel wanted and valued. Don’t let candidates lose interest or feel rejected. Give them encouragement as you guide them through the hiring process and always focus on the next step. 

  1. Hire People You Like. 

If you just plain don’t like an applicant, move on. Don’t keep pushing them through the process hoping they’ll change or that their skills will overcome your reservations. If you don’t like the candidate now, you’re going to hate them in three months. Hiring people that you would want to work with is a way to foster both a positive work environment and successful company culture.

Although different issues may still arise in any situation, these valuable tips will help minimize your risk and keep your recruitment efforts productive.


What tips do you have for smart hiring and recruitment momentum?

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