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18,314 Well this has been one heck of a couple of years for the Republican Party. Coalinga, CA
  • San Francisco
  • Me too Bill J. I had to adopt an alias for Nextdoor as the trolls were attacking. I live in S.C. and it’s changing. 7,161 62,296 Population: 86,813 Stay away from these people. We used science and data to determine which cities in California are probably voting for Trump.
    45.0% 44.4% That left us with 425 cities and towns.
    Berkeley. Hanford, CA My parents lived iin YL and were basically driven out by the jewish,freemasonic,mormon, scientology mafia. 42 More on Orland: Data

    Total bully. And now that we’re headed towards the next big election, we wanted to get a better sense of what parts of California would be the most likely to back Donald Trump again. Pretty easy to figure out who killed him, but can’t be proven. 3
  • 10 Safest Places In California
  • More on Shasta Lake: Data

    We’re as red as a fire engine. 9,224 I would love to know how it feels to say what you believe and who you support without fear of losing your job, being shunned or being beat up. They loved the birds flying all over them and landing on their heads and shoulders. Hola Jorge! Today it houses his presidential library. 83,604 13,911 $ Republican Amount Per Capita: $8.83
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    Detailed List Of The Most Conservative Places In California

    53.1% Best strategy ever!