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furniture stripping refinishing

Love how it turned out! We show some of these in the following steps. Great! Maybe the saran wrap will make things a little easier. For those of you wanting to know how I sealed the raw wood, check out my post on how to seal furniture for high traffic. It’s a solid wood antique table with a cherry finish. Your demonstration piece turned out beautifully. ???? Thanks!! The directions tell you to rub the stick over the defect. Any wipe-on finish will work—Minwax Wipe-on Poly is a common brand. Thank you for sharing with us at Celebrate Your Story, and have a great weekend. I would actually be careful of veneered pieces, because Citristrip is wet and can cause the veneer to lift. The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to strip your furniture to restore it to its original look. Thanks so much. I try create simple tutorials for ALL skill levels, and your comment really makes me happy!:). it works for clothes, and as far as I know it works on anyting. See why you wanted to keep it straight wood. I found you from the link party on Organize 31. Haven’t tried the other stripper yet. I love new refinishing techniques:). I love the natural wood look! I have a three year old daughter that loves to do crafts.. , Hi Kellie, Definitely saving to my DIY Tips & Tricks boards…because I KNOW I’ll need this someday (I’ve got an old jewelry chest that could use a little love) Thanks so much for sharing at the #happynowlinkup! Simply cut the bags down the seams and open them up. Here are a few things you can do before the putty starts to harden to reduce the amount of sanding and shaping later. I’m so glad I’ve inspired you. thank you I’m pleased with how it turned out. I would use the spray can for smaller jobs and the gel form for larger ones. I’ve been stripping polyurethane, paint and stain off of furniture for years…. nice blog, very information to how to fix furniture easily. I’ve used both and they both work well. Then use the edge of a straightedge razor to scrape the surface almost level with the surrounding veneer. oh thanks for the tip. How to strip furniture of paint, stain and sealer spray the desk with Citristrip or any other paint stripper. Good luck! Y’all ready for this? Affordable Stripping & Refinishing - Where we take pride in every project we undertake. I wonder if you didn’t put enough stripper on the surface. Thank you for Sharing this, for sure it will help many others too. Thank you for sharing! I let it dry and then repeated this process about 5 times. To apply wipe-on finish, first put some on a clean rag. I wish I had a trick for this, but for now I don’t. Your project. Custom Furniture Stripping, Refinishing, Restoration and Repair serving Vancouver, Washington and the greater Portland, Oregon area . This does not affect the price you pay. What about Annie Sloan White Wax? She said to apply Citristrip paint stripper on the desk and then wrap it with saran wrap and leave it overnight. I wanted to keep with the “vintage antique” vibe. For the hard to reach spots like the nooks and crannies of the legs, use a, Continue sanding until you have reached your desired finish. What a great idea! You'll save tons of time. 1. Great tip! You had me at easy! What grit of sandpaper did you use? I struggled to figure out a way to seal it without bringing the red tones out. You do some amazing work. Thanks for sharing your project at #fridaysfurnturefix Lindsey! Every piece of furniture is different and requires a little different technique, right? Solvents are used to clean-up the remover residue. There is 5 coats of paint on my WINDSOR chairs the thought exhausts me too. I dabbed a little bleach on a heavy paper towel and wiped it all over the wood on the desk. After all the residue is removed, spray a clean brillo pad or heavy paper towel with the after wash or mineral spirits and wipe away any extra residue. Why not paint or restrain? Thanks! All these products still brought out the red tones. Affordable Stripping & Refinishing has been refinishing furniture for over 30 years. For the legs and the drawers, this is where the liquid sander came in handy. FYI: I used regular household bleach because I didn’t have anything else. Furniture refinishing is an easy and very satisfying DIY project. LOL I’ve been there. First, smooth and shape the epoxy with your finger. Welcome to Allison’s Furniture, The Valley’s premier furniture stripping, refinishing & restoration shop. After the epoxy hardens completely, which usually takes a few hours, you can sand and stain the repair. I use Zinsser Wood Bleach. After I strip the stain and sand, like you’ve shown above, is there anything you’d recommend to seal that wood so it would be easy to wipe off kid’s markers or food spills? So my friends be careful with how you use the bleach. Yes I know (crazy) two projects at once. I want to do this with some chairs I have, but I have kids so gonna need some protecting. Stripping antique wood furniture of its old or original finish is the first and vitally important step in the refinishing process. Thanks for stopping by and leaving some insight! Wow that is so effective! Yes, water on wood. I love the style of the desk, but I don’t like the red finish. If it dries on there, just take a 220 grit and smooth it off when you smooth the grain . You can see where the bleach has already dried on the wood, and where it is still wet. You could use stain touch-up markers, but Kevin prefers gel stain because it's thick enough to act like paint, and can be wiped off with a rag dampened in mineral spirits if you goof up or want to start over. When I do these tips are going to come in very handy. Thanks for stopping by! Remove the furniture's hardware. If you are planning to bleach a piece of wood or furniture I would highly suggest buying wood bleach. Refinishing is an easy, low-cost way to bring out natural beauty in wood furniture and make fine details shine. Was wondering though how you got the bleach smell out? I will try this! Please do tag me and let me know how it turns out. (You can't fix cuts or gouges this way, though.). Will tag you in photos!! I tried refinishing a harvest table that was soaked with deer blood. You also don’t have to leave it on over night. Remove the red tones? This looks like a much easier way than all the scraping! Now I’ve never tried their white wax! Blend the repair into the surrounding veneer by painting on gel stain to match the color and pattern of the existing grain. This gives me dozens of ideas. I splurged and picked up some of the two-part bleachs, which remove pretty much everything. I did see your post on instagram and I was wondering what you did. Wow thank you so much! This is beautiful! So I sometimes will stain a “mistake” then put the wood bleach on, and the result is always beautiful. I know, that might sound silly, because I love to refinish and paint furniture. Apply enough stripper to keep the surface wet, … What an awesome tip! Hey there, Can that be done after this stripping process? They often work but may change the sheen. It's also a great way to furnish your house on the cheap. You can shape, sand and stain it like wood too, so it blends right in. Choose two colors of stain that match the light and dark areas of the wood. Thats a great idea! Your desk really looks great! The curved blade allows you to adjust the depth of the scraper. Sorry I don’t have a link for you. So far so good, I didn’t let the gel stay on long enough for the legs of the side table so I’m letting the dresser go a full 24 hours. The contents were useful and knowledgable. I’ve never stripped furniture before but I’ve wanted to. Yes I used the spray can! Big like from me! You can absolutely paint or re stain it. ft. shop to cater to all of your needs. A thorough cleaning is an important first step in any furniture refinishing renewal project. Another idea is shrink wrap on a hand held roll because it comes in a small with like 3″ and I’ve used it up to 3′ for wrapping and it might be a tad thicker than saran. They are unbelievable. Thanks for the wonderful post! This isn’t the best option, but it’s all I had at the time. I tossed around the idea of completely stripping the wood with Citristrip, but it made me tired just thinking about it. I’m wondering if that was normal and should of waited or did I do something wrong? . When you need a paint stripper, you can depend on Furniture Stripping Pros to connect you with professionals in your area. What exactly did bleaching do? Not only does it require lots of physical labour, but it often also requires the use of toxic chemicals that can leave varying results. I made up my mind that I would keep the desk as it is. dowel with an angle on the end. Nice work. This post contains a few affiliate links to help you find the products I use. My 1st piece did –in a nice, magenta color. You might even like the look if a tiny bit fell into the crevices . She also painted the drawer pulls instead of removing them! I also followed all your social media profiles. Thanks for the tips. Which I think contributed to the blurb on the website. Citristrip is a waste of money, really. https://amzn.to/2UY4acS Thanks again. Lately I’ve been finding it hard to paint over solid wood. A & I Stripping & Refinishing, based out of Albuquerque, is a furniture refinishing and repair company that offers upholstery repair, furniture repair, and furniture refinishing. I like to let it sit for 12 hours. Leaving spots will yield an uneven surface when you finally start finishing it. What started out as a part-time franchised furniture stripping business over 40 years ago, (1969), by my Father, Arthur Wescott, has turned into a full service, one stop 8,000 sq. Buff with a soft cloth. How often do you have to do this to keep the wood looking good? Thanks for sharing at The Blogger’s Pit Stop! It makes sense, that it will just sit and cook and give the stripping compound time to work. Certain types of furniture repairs and touch-ups are less time consuming than others and can be completed without ever removing the furniture from your home. I just didn’t want to hassle with stripping furniture. We have a lot of experience stripping and refinishing furniture. It is better to leave it overnight. The oil from the petroleum jelly will often penetrate the finish and remove the ring or at least make it less visible. Did I miss that? But Kevin prefers a wipe-on gel finish like General Finishes Gel Topcoat Wipe On Urethane. I’m going to try this on my kitchen table and chairs; quick question when u say you sprayed the Citristrip, what did you use to spray it, I Tried a spray bottle and because it is a gel, unfortunately it’s too thick and doesn’t come out … please help . this technique works BETTER on paint than stain actually! When the two parts are completely blended to a consistent color and the epoxy putty starts to get sticky, it's ready to use. Stripping furniture is a messy, time-consuming process. If that doesn't work, you can try a product such as Homax White Ring Remover or Liberon Ring Remover. You did a great job. Did you cake it on the surface? I picked up some new hardware from Ace’s Hardware. Removing the old finish is the most time-consuming part of refinishing wood furniture. Your kindness means so much. One day we might work on refinishing shutters, stripping kitchen cabinet doors or restoring an antique heirloom. Wet it with water first to prevent the epoxy from sticking. What a great surprise. Lindsey. Shabby look, but they look awful. A paintbrush works great for cleaning carvings and moldings. THIS is the aff link to the product. Love the final result of the table!! I am about to build a house and need some great ideas that me and my wife can do to decorate it. after all the residue is removed, spray a clean brillo pad or heavy paper towel with the after wash or mineral spirits solution and wipe away any extra residue. Fortunately, you don't always have to resort to stripping to restore your furniture to its original luster. Yikes. ft., furniture stripping and refinishing facility. Stripping an old finish from furniture or trim is almost like finding buried treasure. I’ll have to try oxalic acid! (I have pictures on my tiny blog.). Then shape it to fit the flaw and press it in with a smooth tool. Furniture repair. you are very welcome and I sure hope it works! It seems like it would work ok on a flat surface but I wonder about curves like spindles. Is it a new product? I look forward to new updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group. - Connect With Top Local Pros. You can often get rid of small dents by wetting them. Well there you have it; a total furniture transformation. I love the way the desk turned out! So cool. I’m just learning about painting and stripping furniture and you instructions and videos are awesome.

Fallout 4 How To Scrap Junk Without Dropping It, Lori Tan Chinn Awkwafinacrimson Alchemist Rocket League, Corinthia Hotel Lisbon Email Address, Sheikha Maryam Bint Mohammed Al Maktoum Husband, Red Oak Nc Map, Mini Air Plants In Bulk, Goya Guava Nectar, Schweppes Cucumber Tonic Water, Dewalt Dc385 Type 1 Parts, Blouse Ka Naap Lekar Cutting, Introduction To Plant Physiology 3rd Edition,

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