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standards in a sentence

On the other hand there are numerous methods by which the capacities of condensers may be compared and a relative measurement made in terms of some standard. If the weight of the blank is slightly below the standard weight, a somewhat larger cutter is used, so that the blanks may be of correct weight. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. He delivered the Roman hostages who were held in captivity in the town, recovered the standards lost at Caudium, and made 7000 of the enemy pass under the yoke. The natives, who are Micronesian hybrids of finer physique than their kinsmen of the Pelew Islands, have a comparatively high mental standard, being careful agriculturists, and peculiarly clever boatbuilders and navigators. The constant co is the value of c at some standard temperature oo. minimizeo contains a water repellent that exceeds national standards, thereby minimizing wood damage such as splitting and warping. onward, the relations of units of weight have been complicated by the need of the interrelations of gold, silver and copper coinage; and various standards have been derived theoretically from others through the weight of one metal equal in value to a unit of another. The last event recorded by the epitomator Justin (q.v.) 243 109 Gabriel understood why the old standard was gone. The standard rod and the test specimen, which must be of the same dimensions, are placed side by side within two magnetizing coils, and each pair of adjacent ends is joined by a short rectangular block or " yoke " of soft iron. The schools which do not obtain equality with government schools are either some of those conducted by religious orders, or else those in which a sufficient standard is not reached. Checks on standards at large users of metalworking fluids have resulted in the serving of Notices requiring improvements. But if Sunday was peaceful, at least by recent standards, Monday was anything but. The railways are of different gauges, the standard narrow gauge of 4 ft. in Crete. blacklist of airlines with dubious safety standards will soon be in force across the EU. In the transitional period, when the Arabian school began to influence European medicine, but before the Salernitans were superseded, comes Nicolaus Praepositus, who wrote the Antidotarium, a collection of formulae for compound medicines, which became the standard work on the subject, and the foundation of many later compilations. adopted, at first the Rhodian, and afterwards the Phoenician, standard, and on this latter standard the Ptolemaic money was struck during the subsequent centuries. Reducing vehicle speeds Work is required to develop harmonized standards for Intelligent Speed Adaptation systems with the aim of eventual universal fitment. These works, which did much to mould the character of the German people, were set among the doctrinal standards of the Lutheran Church and powerfully influenced other compilations. Korean beauty standards "'are a distinct feature of Korean culture. These regulations prescribe the circumstances in which standards committees of relevant authorities may grant such dispensations. ); corrected for the length of the seconds-pendulum by introducing a neglected element of reduction; and was entrusted, in 1843, with the reconstruction of the standards of length. The extreme discrepancy is that between the waves which travel through the outermost parts of the object-glass at L and L'; so that if we adopt the above standard of resolution, the question is where must P be situated in order that the relative retardation of the rays PL and PL' may on their arrival at B amount to a wave-length (X). In ethics, again, the revolt against absolute standards limits us to the relative, and morals are investigated on the basis of history, as largely conditioned by economic environment and the growth of intellectual freedom. A huge car drawn by oxen, bearing the standard of the burgh, and carrying an altar with the host, this carroccio, like the ark of the Israelites, formed a rallying point in battle, and reminded the armed artisans that they had a city and a church to fight for. His own standards of research were so exacting that he published far less than he should have done. What does standard mean? By the standards of such philosophers as Husserl, Natorp, and Frege, Wundt appears committed to a logical psychologism. In expressing the absolute or relative density of any substance, it is necessary to specify the conditions for which the relation holds: in the case of gases, the temperature and pressure of the experimental gas (and of the standard, in the case of relative density); and in the case of solids and liquids, the temperature. Recently rewired thoughout to modern standards and a stunning attic conversion with en-suite. build Rights Reserved | Crown Copyright This site has been built to comply with the W3C AA accessibility standards. The name seems to have been known before, and the banner was simply a Christianized form of the Roman cavalry standard. -- From the 7th century B.C. All determinations must accordingly be reduced to a standard temperature for comparison. - The discovery of the… The fundamental principle of the magneto system has been described in connexion with the " Standard board.". Disease we may define, accordingly, as any departure from the normal standard of structure or function of a tissue or organ. From these special studies of human structure the knowledge of the anatomy of animals has proceeded, the same investigator who had made himself acquainted with the structure of the human body desiring to compare with the standard given by human anatomy the structures of other animals. (1734-1825), is still the standard work for that period; but its value is somewhat diminished by the author's bitterness against his opponents and the fact that he does not give chapter and verse for his statements, many of which are based on his recollection of documents seen, but not available at the time of writing. Though the cavalry were freely engaged, the training of both was so far beneath the standard of the present day that the most that can be credited to them in respect of results is that they from time to time averted imminent disaster, but failed altogether to achieve such a decision as was well within their potential capacities. Amongst the legitimate reasons for suspecting the correctness of a text are patent contradictions in a passage or its immediate neighbourhood, proved and inexplicable deviations from the standards for forms, constructions and usages (mere rarity or singularity is not enough), weak and purposeless repetitions of a word (if there is no reason for attributing these to the writer), violations of the laws of metre and rhythm as observed by the author, obvious breaks in the thought (incoherence) or disorderly sequence in the same (double or multiple incoherence). This is of course in addition to evaluating the web site for conformance to usability design guidelines and standards. The two standard alloys consist respectively of gold 916.6, copper 83.3 and of silver 925, copper 75. desirable private residence to full residential standards. 🔊 Airbags are a standard safety features of cars that they are all expected to have. I remember, yes, I remember you with the standard! This construction was introduced into England from America about 1874, and has since been extensively adopted, being now indeed standard for main line stock. Five thousand Spaniards were killed; seven hundred taken, and one hundred and five standards. To keep alive, in a fair standard of comfort, the population of 206,690, food supplies have to be imported for nine and a half months in the year. It must be confessed that, judged by Western standards, the poems of Ephraim are prolix and wearisome in the extreme, and are distinguished by few striking poetic beauties. It was a rectangular platform on which the standard of the city and an altar were erected; priests held services on the altar before the battle, and the trumpeters beside them encouraged the fighters to the fray. The level of pressure in the pipeline will be three times the typical international standards set for onshore pipelines. What then of Clarke's other comments, about the need to include biometrics to meet US standards for its visa waiver scheme. Originally two farm cottages dating back to 1750 AD the property has been sympathetically renovated to meet present day standards. Emma thought it to be a huge double standard that boys were allowed to go shirtless at the beach but girls had to cover up. Their betrothal was short by White God standards, a matter of six days. The next step of importance was the introduction of what was termed the " Standard board.". At the root of all economic investigation lies the conception of the standard of life of the community. Firstly that they are produced to the highest standards using only high-grade ingredients. The expansion of Levantine trade which ensued in the Hellenistic age brought especial profit to Rhodes, whose standard of coinage and maritime law became widely accepted in the Mediterranean. In France three alloys of the following standards are used for jewelry, 920, 840 and 750. and further, it is said, established what has become the standard gauge of the world, 4 ft. Brunel on the Great Western railway, where, however, it was abandoned after the line was converted from broad to standard gauge in 1892. In the Satires we find realistic pictures of social life, and the conduct and opinions of the world submitted to the standard of good feeling and common sense. Raumer's style is direct, lucid and vigorous, and in his day he was a popular historian, but judged by strictly scientific standards he does not rank among the first men of his time. To achieve better diagnostic standards it is necessary to have open access echocardiography. As with all parks, Victoria Park has original bylaws some of which by today's standards would be seen as quirky. Get advice from Trading Standards and the Police if you suspect dishonesty. Standard solutions are prepared by weighing out the exact amount of the pure substance and dissolving it in water, or by forming a solution of approximate normality, determining its exact strength by gravimetric or other means, and then correcting it for any divergence. Quality standards in a sentence 1 We have to try and achieve the quality standards set by the project. This corresponds to 8.3 kilometres of air at standard pressure. The college has maintained a high standard of instruction, and many of its former students have been prominent as public men, educationalists and preachers. Next, the Judaean compiler regularly finds in Israel's troubles the punishment for its schismatic idolatry; nor does he spare Judah, but judges its kings by a standard which agrees with the standpoint of Deuteronomy and is scarcely earlier than the end of the 7th century B.C. The higher castes murmured, and many of them left him, for he taught that the Brahmanical threads must be broken; but the lower orders rejoiced and flocked in numbers to his standard. (plural form only): Pertaining to standards, concerned with standards, specific to standards. Many ranges are available as complete sets with wall lights, ceiling pendants, table lamps and floor standards to match. Sentence Examples What are the basic minimum requirements for one to set up a restaurant and do these so called restaurants meet the standards? 18 examples: On this view, there is no special legal standard or value. refined to ensure that it reflects the new nutritional standards. at Carlisle, the younger Robert joined Sir William Wallace, who raised the standard of Scottish independence in the name of Baliol after that king had surrendered his kingdom to Edward in 1296. Let m be the number of turns in use, and H 1 and H2 the magnetizing forces which produce the same induction B in the test and the standard rods respectively; then H1=H2Xm/Ioo. Dedicated to supplying only proven quality slates, all SSQ products are tested to meet a range of international standards. -- Though large differences may exist, the rate of general variation is but slow -- excluding, of course, all monetary standards. The standard schedule, in addition to the leading facts of sex, age, civil condition, birthplace, occupation and house-room, includes education and sickness as well as infirmities, and leaves the return of religious denomination optional with the householder. In these, as in many other of the romances of Josika, a high moral standard is aimed at. Standard patterns of details are largely adopted, and more system is introduced in the workshop than is possible where the designs are more varied. fodder beet in practice than existing standards allow for. This Code sets out standards of best practice for equity repo. conversant in health and safety legislation and be systems and standards driven. The Jargonelle should be allowed to remain on the tree and be pulled daily as wanted, the fruit from standard trees thus succeeding the produce of the wall trees. The doctrines of Presbyterianism are those generally known as evangelical and Calvinistic. The intercolumniation is regulated by a standard of about six or seven feet, and the general result of the treatment of columns, wall-posts, &c., is that the whole mural space, not filled in with doors or windows, is divided into regular oblong panels, which sometimes receive plaster, sometimes boarding and sometimes rich framework and carving or painted panels. Here it is sufficient to say that the French standard is a' =435 with c" practically 522, and that in England the pitch is somewhat higher. You do not need to spend time off-site to train and you can be sure of consistency in course content and standards. All units come fully fitted to the highest standards for comfortable modern living. In particular, 1st grade writing standards specify these key markers of proficiency: Sentence Structure — Write clear and coherent sentences and paragraphs that develop a central idea. xxxiii. The suspension of cash payment by the Austro-Hungarian Bank was continued, but the bank was bound to provide, by every means at its disposal, that the value of its notes as quoted on foreign bourses should be permanently secured in proportion to the parity of the legal mint standard of the krone currency. All previous attempts had been far below the modern standard in these particulars, and Burton's history will always be memorable as marking an epoch. On the continent of Europe the standard gauge is generally adopted, though in France there are many miles of 4 ft. It is usually regarded as the standard Egyptian cotton; the lint is yellowish brown, the seeds black and almost smooth, usually with a little tuft of short green hairs at the ends. A shilling is token money merely, it is nominally in value the one-twentieth of a pound, but one troy pound of silver is coined into sixty-six shillings, the standard weight of each shilling being 87.27 grains. These examples have been automatically selected and … As the standard of the coins of Attic type is not Attic but Babylonian, we must not think of direct Athenian influence. Toothed gearing connected with the gun mountings actuates a rack attached to the standards carrying the sights, so that any movement of the gun mounting is communicated to the sights. In fact, on the early records, he worked with almost indecent haste by today's standards. It will provide the caddie with a better understanding of the standards required to become a good caddie. Both the series and the branching methods of multipling are recognized at the present time as standard methods, although the former is only employed in comparatively small exchanges. Moreover the chief object of the Petroleum Acts passed in the United Kingdom has hitherto been to regulate storage, and it has always been possible to obtain oils either of higher or lower flash-point, when such are preferred, irrespective of the legal standard, in addition to which it may be asserted that in a properly constructed lamp used with reasonable care the ordinary oil of commerce is a safe illuminant. Find more ways to say standards, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. California Assemblyman proposes building standards that promote feng shui. As well as improving standards of sewage treatment, the reeds should offer shelter for bird species including moorhens, coots, and warblers. The medium of instruction in the lower standards is the mother tongue of the children. Expect students to achieve these standards irregardless of ability, background, or prior knowledge. The students will all write standardized tests at the end of the session. That institution at once set up a new standard of nobility, a new form of the nobility of office. It is sometimes assumed that this is measured perfectly by the standard deviation,' which is obtained by taking the squares of the differences between the average and the individual prices, summing them and extracting the square root. To reach parts per million quality standards, jobs have to be made foolproof. But we are now able to prove that it was an independent system -- (1) by its not ranging usually over 200 grains in Egypt before it passed to Greece; (2) by its earliest example, perhaps before the 224 unit existed, not being over 208; and (3) by there being no intermediate linking on of this to the Phoenician unit in the large number of Egyptian weights, nor in the Ptolemaic coinage, in which both standards are used. When the king went forth to war thirteen great crosses made of gold and jewels were carried in wagons before him as his standards, and each was followed by 10,000 knights and 100,000 footmen. No standards of weighing or measuring were known, but the parts of the body were the units, and money consisted in rare and durable vegetable and animal substances, which scarcely reached the dignity of a mechanism of exchange. Spectroscopic Measurements and Standards of Wave-Length.- All spectroscopic measurement should be reduced to wavelengths or wave-frequencies, by a process of interpolation between lines the wave-lengths of which are known with sufficient accuracy. Debray (1827-1888) he worked at the platinum metals, his object being on the one hand to prepare them pure, and on the other to find a suitable metal for the standard metre for the International Metric Commission then sitting at Paris. inconsistency in provision and no clear standards. Standard 18-1.1 Scope of chapter Standard 18-1.2 The legislative function Standard 18-1.3 The intermediate function; guided judicial discretion Standard 18-1.4The sentencing function; abolition of jury sentencing; sentencing councils; appellate review of sentences ; but the calculation would be worthy of little credence. For ordinary standards of length Guillaume's alloy (invar) of nickel (35.7%) and steel (64.3%) is used, as it is a metal that can be highly polished, and is capable of receiving fine graduations. He built the first independent pipe line, in competition with the Standard Oil Co., through Pennsylvania. The scapus seems to have been a standard length of papyrus, as sold by the stationers. Definition of Double Standard. by Holtzmann, Julicher, Weiss, Zahn, Davidson, Salmon, Bacon and the standard Commentaries of Meyer and Holtzmann, the International (Bigg) and other series, contain discussions of authorship and date. 🔊 It is standard for black belt martial artists to be masters of their art. Very durable trellises for greenhouse climbers are made of slender round iron rods for standards, having a series of hooks on the inner edge, into which rings of similar metal are dropped; the rings may be graduated so as to form a broad open top, or may be all of the same size, when the trellis will assume the cylindrical form. The rebels were captured and shot, but the significance of the attempt lies in the fact that it was the first occasion on which north Italians (the Bandieras were Venetians and officers in the Austrian navy) had tried to raise the standard of revolt in the south. In spite of her strict moral standards on premarital relationships, Carmen was obviously stirred deeply by desire. Inst. The damson, wine-sour and other varieties, planted as standards, are generally increased by suckers. A wonderful hand-crafted doll, bubbling with personality and lovingly made to the highest standards. may be regarded as standard, since it prevails on probably three-quarters of the railways of the globe. The menu features traditional standards, such as red beans and rice, jambalaya and crawfish, mixed in with more exotic choices, such as alligator, frog legs, and various etouffee. That this mode of originating standards was greatly promoted, if not started, by the use of coinage we may see by the rarity of the Persian silver weight (derived from the Assyrian standard), soon after the introduction of coinage, as shown in the weights of Defenneh (29). (adjective) A standard grade of beef. (§§ 16, 20). The goal is to integrate existing standards, rather than create new specifications. The sizes of copper wire employed have weights of too, 150, 200 and 400 lb per statute mile, and have electrical resistances (at 60° F.) of 8.782, 5.8 55, 4.39 1 and 2.195 standard ohms respectively. Not that sort of victory which is defined by the capture of pieces of material fastened to sticks, called standards, and of the ground on which the troops had stood and were standing, but a moral victory that convinces the enemy of the moral superiority of his opponent and of his own impotence was gained by the Russians at Borodino. ii., London, 1853), which remained for many years a standard work on the subject. By increasing coaching standards increase participation and reduce dropout of young players. It consisted of 240 volumes, and it became at once the standard in its own branch of literature. oe parts also ensures compliance with Ford's rigorous safety standards. The whole disposition of pillars, posts, brackets and rafters is harmonically arranged according to some measure of the standard of length. premarital conduct, it was clear that dual standards prevailed. But it is doubtful whether the most complete investigation would ever enable us to include all the elements of the standard of life in a money estimate. The standard edition of Wesley's Journal (1909) has furnished much new material for this period of Wesley's life, the Rev. The standard edition of the collected works will be that of O. Cleveland is the headquarters of the largest shoddy mills in the country (value of product, 1905, $ 1, 0 84,594), makes much clothing (1905, $ 10, 4 26, 535), manu factures a large portion of the chewing gum made in the United States, and is the site of one of the largest refineries of the Standard Oil Company. In fact, no acceptable scientific criterion emerges, and the outcome of Spencer's attempt to ascertain the laws of life and the conditions of existence is either a restatement of the dictates of the moral consciousness in vague and cumbrous quasi-scientific phraseology, or the substitution of the meaningless test of " survivability " as a standard of perfection for the usual and intelligible standards of " good " and " right.". was equivalent to 100 piastres; the gold pieces struck were £T5, £T1, £T2 and £ T 4; the standard is 0.916* fine, and the weight 7.216 grammes.

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