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how to put vermiculite in gas fireplace

Sort by: Top Sellers. What do I need to drill through aproximately 1 foot of native stone to get into the fireplace? Are there any concerns I should have with the vermiculite in the fireplace (ie asbestos containmination)? I would assume that any vermiculite in use since 1978 should have been tested safe. You may have to put the silica sand on a metallic tray wide enough to cover most of the brick veneer bottom floor of the fireplace.. Should I take the risk or just not use it? He brought a huge bag of Vermiculite with him, and filled it for us (up to about 5cm under the cast-iron back plate height, so wind won't blow it out too much). Moved into a house that has a vented gas fireplace log set that has about 3-4 handfuls of vermiculite as the embers along with some wool looking stuff. It is not clear to me that gas consumption also sets amount heat put into the room. That brings me to an interesting question - what if the fireplace newer than 1978? I'd also like to install a keyed gas shut-off inside, similar to what I've seen with gas fire starters. To fit a Gas fireplace use a Gas Safe Register qualified engineer. I have a gas log set with vermiculite, lava rock and sand covering the bottom of the fireplace. Show More. That's about where the end of the u-shaped burner is, so I'm assuming there's gas being emitted from the end of the burner, which I thought was sealed off on the end. Add sparkle and shine to the fireplace for additional effect. Gas company came out to turn on the gas in a house the other day. 40102100. Insert the glowing embers directly below the fireplace burner. When fireplace is off, our now exposed swath of rockwool is pretty ugly (to us), and wouldn't have sales appeal in showroom. Now to put the fireplace back together! Where Can I Buy Glowing Embers for a Gas Fireplace? Distribute an even supply of sand across the burner pan. How to Stop Soot in a Gas Fireplace. DO NOT USE ON VENT-FREE (UNVENTED) GAS APPLIANCES. Do not put embers on, between, or above your gas log set. We refilled the tray with aquarium rocks. It will also prevent or reduce any hissing that may come from your gas line. I am buying a house that was built in 2009. A gas log configuration to get an authentic look should be done according to the manufacturer's directions and with care to make sure the gas source has plenty of airflow. My questions are: 1. I moved into a house with a vented gas fireplace and gas logs. Gas fireplaces typically feature masonry that is both decorative and durable, able to withstand the heat of a gas flame. I want to go back to wood. I am reading on the internet that much vermiculite in the US was contaminated with asbestos. Likewise, how do you put vermiculite in a gas fireplace? We painted the gas line also (it used to be silver), to help it blend in. 0.25 lb package vermiculite. he also refreshed the filler under the fake coals. Boards with textured surfaces or made to resemble bricks give a decorative finish and the boards can be given a coat of heat resistant paint to match the room's décor if desired. What else could I use instead of vermiculite in gas fireplace? Beneath the grate holding up the logs there were vermiculite granules in a pan which covered the gas vents. This will ensure that you have an even and consistent flame. Vermiculite insulation board can be used to line the back and sides of fireplaces including large inglenooks. Vermiculite helps spread gas evenly throughout the entire burner pan for a more full flame pattern and well fueled fire. I moved into a house with a vented gas fireplace and gas logs. I just converted my fireplace from wood to new gas logs. Turn off the gas connection to your fireplace. There is no pop and crackle or glowing embers in a gas … 100% safe, carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion are safe and without asbestos. Because a gas fireplace is tapped directly into a gas line, certain precautions must be taken for safety, and certain aesthetic features of a fireplace are added artificially. Place vermiculite outside the burner pan to cover sides and gas connections – if desired. Gas fireplaces can provide many of the benefits of a traditional fireplace without the need for procuring wood and cleaning up fireplace ash. I see newer houses, built in the 80s and 90s that that have fireplaces with vermiculite in them . - Added Realism. I wasn’t there but they left a note saying I needed to cover the gas line in the fireplace with sand & I could then put the decorative rock or log on top of the sand. Made of high quality exfoliated vermiculite. Gas log accessories can take your gas log set from pretty darn good to the best gas logs you've ever had with almost no hassle. Now I … Project Guide. However, they don't provide the complete package, when it comes to atmosphere, that a wood fire creates. Distributes heavier propane gas throughout the entire burner pan for a fuller flame effect. Vermiculite Pellet Bag (15) Model# VMC100 $ 7 98. Fireplace Sealant/Cement. When we bought the house, the tray was covered in sand with debris mixed in. The manual says to lay vermiculite by the burners. The most conventional and most common way to build a fire in a fireplace can be by placing the fire starter, such as newspaper, at the base of the fireplace, and adding kindling and logs on top of the fire starter respectively. Even in these situations, however, if it has been a while since you last used wood, it’s best to call a professional for a quick inspection first. Beneath the grate holding up the logs there were vermiculite granules in a pan which covered the gas vents. Vermiculite. Everything I read says that the sand is there to make the flame look nicer not for safety reasons. Midwest Hearth vermiculite is formulated for use in vented gas log set fireplaces utilizing propane gas. Gas fireplaces are found in many homes these days, and they offer a quick and easy way to have a fire any time you want with the flip of a switch. It should only cost my $5.00 but thats not the point. But I also think the Mfr log configuration is primarily determined by aesthetics when the fireplace is off. Related Searches. So, don't add this … **Vermiculite is used in the burner pan on our VICTOR GAS COAL BURNER ** On VENTED LP GAS LOGS place the vermiculite on top of the burner; vermiculite dissipates the flames. I was wondering what the purpose of the sand was… When it comes to getting the most out of your Vented Gas Fireplace set, Pleasant Hearth Vermiculite provides many features of a wood-burning fire that cannot be achieved from a gas log set alone. The fire looks good except for a rather large flame shooting out from the front right (see embedded video). Gas fireplaces and gas fireplace inserts let you enjoy the look and feel of a wood-burning fireplace without the work and mess. It only had 2 logs and a very artificial looking straight row of flames in between the two logs. The size of your fireplace … Show More. This means that the tile, stonework and base for the fireplace can support an appropriately-sized pellet stove. CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning(s) Prop 65 WARNING(S) Type. The home inspector noted a plastic bag of vermiculite under the gas fireplace and said that it could contain asbestos and I should probably throw it away. UNSPSC. What do I need to install the log and the shut off? Gas is available right outside, but my fireplace is all native stone. Learn how to clean your stove top and keep it sparkling . I recently moved in to a townhouse with a tiny gas fireplace. To make it more realistic, I bought 2 small logs to set on top to help divert the flames somewhat. Gas logs provide the realistic look and feel of a wood-burning fire without the need to clean out ashes and replenish wood. Cover the sand with rock wool and vermiculite. A quick web search … Then again, this isn’t an actual “gas fireplace” – it’s a regular fireplace that’s used with a log set. Vermiculite is used only on LP vented Peterson gas logs as a base beneath the grate. the house was built in 1987, but the owner coverted the wood burning fireplace to gas sometime after this date.

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